Me on a good day.  @alexgkern @singledumbshow

Me on a good day.

@alexgkern @singledumbshow

April 2, 2014        

Note from the Writer/Creator:

SingleDumb started in the Spring of 2011.

I was single. I had never dated, really.

Everyone was talking about online dating. No, thanks! I was embarrassed to even entertain the idea of meeting someone over the internet. 

After much reluctance, I created my first online dating profile and went on my first online date. OkCupid. His name was Mike and on our coffee date, he ordered two sandwiches. 

I went on many first dates and amassed quite the collection of g-d first date stories. I guess we've all been there: trying to figure out who we are as we sip on an $8 beer in front of a stranger. I felt alone in my pathetic dating life so I began sharing my stories at stand-up and storytelling open-mics around New York City. It was cathartic, a heck of a lot cheaper than therapy, and, yes, less scary than dating itself. 

And, thus the SingleDumb journey began as I turned my stories into scripts and brought my tales to the screen through the help and amazing talents of my producer/director/actor/dp/soundmixer/editor/HMU/PA friends.

Season 1 of SingleDumb will launch on the interwebs on Tuesday, October 21st. I am very excited to share with you all! 

Stay tuned for updates: @singledumbshow

And, thank YOU so much for visiting! 



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