ALEX BACH (Producer)

Hometown: Sarasota, FL

Favorite place(s) in your neighborhood: Blue Bottle coffee, 10 Foot Single (vintage clothes store)

Best coffee in NYC: Blue Bottle Coffee

Best pizza in NYC: Paulie Gee's

Best date place in NYC: Chelsea Piers driving range

Favorite subway line: L Train!!

Favorite Stanley Kubrik movie: A Clockwork Orange 

Favorite movie with Bill Murray: Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Favorite comedy duo: Romy & Michele

Favorite curse word: FUCK!

Haribos or Godiva? Haribos..... REESE'S

Tatoos? Not yet, but I've got a date to get one in approximately 5.5 years. 

Fun Fact: I was once kidnapped for a day by Bill Murray 


Hometown: Palo Alto, CA

Best coffee in NYC: Grumpy

Best pizza in NYC: Waldy's. I'm a weirdo but there you go.

Favorite subway line: R

Favorite movie with Juliette Lewis: Natural Born Killers

Favorite comedy duo: Pryor and Wilder

Favorite curse word: Dickface

Haribos or Godiva? Haribos. God help me, but Haribos.

Sunny D or Fanta? Just plain ol' seltzer!

Fun fact: I have a PhD that I will never use!

Aaron Kheifets is a comedian, writer and director. His new web series, Sell Yourself is currently being produced and released on DailyMotion.

JACOB WARE ("Boy on Bench")

Favorite place(s) in your neighborhood:  Anywhere within 2 miles of a CityMD

Best coffee in NYC:  Chase Bank on the corner of Graham and Grand  

Best date place in NYC:  Grand Havana Room. The lighting there makes you look like you own a condo and have good credit.     

Favorite comedy duo:  Cellino and Barnes

Favorite curse word:  Freelancer

Jacob A. Ware is the second youngest of six children. His interpretation of the word "new" is skewed by years of hand-me-down clothing during his upbringing. In 1998 Jacob played The Sergeant of Police in Pirates of Penzance and his mom said he did "a very good job."

Spam me on Twitter @jacobaware


MARK LOGAN ("Peter")

Hometown:  Boone, NC

Favorite place in your neighborhood: Citibike Station… to get out of it!

Best coffee in NYC: Stumptown

Best pizza in NYC: NY Pizza Suprema

Best date place in NYC: 675 Bar

Favorite subway line: “5-dollar footloooong”

Favorite director: Christopher Nolan

Favorite comedy duo: Key & Peele

Favorite curse word: ...My mom might read this.

Haribos or Godiva?  Let’s just eat real food.

Tattoos? Nope!

Best nicknames: Wolverine and Hulk Logan

I learned to swim before I could walk


Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Favorite place(s) in your neighborhood: My house

Best coffee in NYC: Stumptown

Best pizza in NYC: Olia

Best date place in NYC: Bin 71 or Stroll the Highline with cup of coffee

Favorite subway line: G

Favorite movie with Seth Green: Can't Hardly Wait

Favorite comedy duo: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

Favorite curse word:  Darnit

Haribos or Godiva? Mast Brothers



ALCY SIVYER (Producer)

EDAN LACEY (Director)

Hometown: Sydney, Australia

Best coffee in NYC: Qathra, Ditmas Park

Best pizza in NYC: Savario's, West Village (opening 2015)

Best Place in NYC: Dublin 6

Best date place in NYC: Bar Chord

Favorite Director: Woody Allen (the Gordon Willis years)

Favorite movie with Ryan Gosling: every movie with Ryan Gosling

Favorite comedy duo: The Bear Pack

Tatoos? Nope, you can't improve on perfection.







ADAM CHINOY (Light Design)


LYNZIE ROGERS (Production Assistant)

CHRISTINA YUGAI (Production Assistant)

CHRIS READE (Production Assistant) 

ALEXANDRA KERN (Creator/Writer/Executive Producer, "Alex")

Hometown: Shaker Heights, OH

Favorite place in your neighborhood: The Sweet Little Cafe, Boerum Hill, BK

Best pizza in NYC: Keste, West Village

Best date place in NYC: Royal Palms

Favorite subway line: The F. Duh.

Favorite Jim Carrey movie: Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

Favorite comedy duo: Nichols and May

Favorite curse word: Fuck, although Motherfucker is hard to beat

Haribos or Godiva: I LIVE for Haribos. Fizzy Cola!

I like to wake up really early to watch movies. 


Hometown: Carmel, NY

Best coffee in NYC: Homemade cold brew

Best pizza in NYC: Pizza Loves Emily 

Favorite subway line: the 4 train

Favorite John Cassavetes movie: Love Streams

Monica is a writer and filmmaker living in Brooklyn. Currently, she works at The New Yorker. (She can also twirl fire. nbd.)


JARED NEWMARK (Director) is a writer and director in Los Angeles. He is a founder of the production company Landline TV and has developed projects for People, ESPN, the History Channel, Above Average, Univision and EP'd Reddit's first two video series. Jared has served as a Creative Director at College Humor. He currently writes on the Upright Citizens Brigade Maude Team Legs For Days and has a pilot in development "Waco Valley" at Comedy Central.


Hometown: Boston, MA (actually the burbs... a little town called Winchester)
Favorite place(s) in your neighborhood: Hot House (best spicy fried chicken!), Dynaco
Best pizza in NYC: Roberta's is pretty great. But let's be real -- I take down 2 Bros $1 slices on the reg.
Best date place in NYC: Angel's Share
Favorite subway line: The G (Stockholm Syndrome?)
Favorite movie with Pauley Shore: Encino Man
Favorite comedy duo: Bill and Hillary
Favorite curse word: Motherf***er
Haribos or Godiva? Haribos times one million. Gummy candy is the key to my heart.
Tatoos? No. Sadly, I can't commit.
Fun fact: My last name's Christian, but I'm technically Jewish!


KERRY MALLOY ("Patrick") hit the stage for the first time when he turned 9, playing the role of Young Patrick in a local production of Mame. He went on to receive his acting degree from New York University - Tisch School of the Arts, and attended the renowned Stella Adler Studio that boasts notable alumni such as Marlon Brando, Harvey Keitel, and Mark Ruffalo. Kerry has performed with theatre companies including New York Theatre Workshop and The Williamstown Theatre Festival. He has performed in films directed by Academy Award Nominee Stephen Frears and Academy Award Winner Martin Scorcese among others. You can catch him on Netflix's season premiere of House of Cards Season 2. He is one of four children and is the only boy.


Hometown: South Orange, NJ

Favorite place(s) in your neighborhood: El Rey del Taco Truck

Best coffee in NYC: Café Grumpy

Best pizza in NYC: Rizzo's

Best date place in NYC: Governor's Island

Favorite subway line: Q

Favorite movie with George Clooney: O, Brother Where Art Thou

Favorite comedy duo: Abbi and Ilana

Sunny D or Fanta? SUNNY D

Desmond is a solo, sketch, and theater artist living in Astoria.  He can be seen co-hosting with Amanda Seals online on BET Digital's "Funny Style".




JAKE SMITH (Director)

Hometown: Portland, ME

Favorite place in your neighborhood: Sarge's Deli, Daniel's Bagels, and Perk Cafe

Best coffee in NYC: City of Saints

Best pizza in NYC: Grimaldi's

Best date place in NYC: The Spotted Pig

Favorite subway line: 4-5-6

Favorite movie starring Rita Hayworth: GILDA

Favorite comedy duo: Garfunkel and Oates

Favorite curse word: Fuck... for lack of a better word. 

Haribos or Godiva? Haribo. Duh. 

Sunny D or Fanta? Really? ...fanta.

Tatoos? Not cool enough.


Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Best coffee in NYC: my Keurig

Best pizza in NYC: Grimaldi's

Best date in NYC: Verlaine in the LES

Favorite Subway line: The F. It takes me home.

Favorite movie with Tupac Shakur: Juice

Favorite comedy duo: Key & Peele

Favorite curse word: motherfucker

My favorite crime is jay-walking.


JASON BEASLEY (Director of Photography)

Hometown: South of Memphis, North of the Gulf, Amory/Smithville in the Mississip

Favorite place in your neighborhood: 3E, the best Thai food

Best coffee in NYC: Blue Bottle

Best pizza in NYC: Rizzo's Pizza

Best date place in NYC: Astor Room, if you're classy

Favorite subway line: N. It takes me home.

Favorite John Cassavetes movie: Shadows

Favorite comedy duo: Andrew McCarthy and a mannequin

Favorite curse word: Fuck.

Sunny D or Fanta? Fanta, Sunny D tried to pass itself off as orange juice when I was a kid. Fuck that. Fanta knows what it is: mediocre and proud.

Tatoos? Nope.

Best board game: Ticket to Ride

 I had a xylophone scholarship during my freshman year of college. Because, I'm cool.



Hometown: Chicago, IL

Favorite place in your neighborhood: Blue Stove

Best coffee in NYC: Balthazar

Best date place in NYC: Anywhere with a cheese plate.

Favorite Woody Allen movie: Annie Hall duh!

Favorite movie with George Clooney: Batman.

Favorite comedy duo: Tina Fey & Amy Poehler

Favorite curse word: Crap

Haribos or Godiva?  Haribos

Anna Callegari is a writer/performer on the sketch teams Garlic Jackson and Fonda.  Anna can be seen at Cage Match as Bitsy Bradford on the UCBW. She also co-hosts B.Y.O.T at the UCBeast every Sunday night. 


Hometown: Rochester, NY

Favorite place(s) in your neighborhood: Otter Lodge, the only bar in town. Not as filthy or misogynistic as the name implies.

Best pizza in NYC: Smiling, it's next door to my apartment. Support the home team!

Favorite subway line: F, of course.

Favorite Wes Anderson movie: The Royal Tenenbaums

Favorite movie with George Clooney: One Fine Day

Favorite comedy duo: TJ & Dave

Favorite curse word: Fuck

Haribos or Godiva? Godiva, because I don't know Haribos

How I approach first dates: Be as honest as possible. It's scary and fun.

ANNIE PEARLMAN (Music Supervisor)

Hometown: Johnson, Vermont

Favorite place in your neighborhood: Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, Prospect Park  

Best date place in NYC: Botanic Gardens

Best coffee revelation: almond milk

Favorite subway line: Q (express baby)

Favorite movie with Nicolas Cage: Vampire's Kiss

Favorite new comedy: Kroll Show

My favorite show to re-watch: 30 Rock 

 I just learned to whistle badly for first time and